Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set - Large Nesting Bowls With Lids and Non Slip Bases. 4 pcs 6/5/4/3 Quarts. Great Mother's Day Gift - By DiSavvy.

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Manufacturer Description

DISAVVY is a family business. Our premium round mixing bowls have been expertly manufactured using thick high grade .04" stainless steel. These top quality bowls are brush polished on the outside and highly polished on the inside producing a stunning finish.

As a food preparation work horse or presentation show case, these bowls work for most occasions. Each mixing bowl comes with a practical silicone non-slip base for safety. They reduce spinning when whisking vigorously or bowls easily flying off a bench (the caveat - if you really try to knock one off the bench, you're likely to succeed :)).

THE BEAUTY OF STEEL is its toughness, so feel confident if one of these stainless steel mixing bowls slips your grip you'll only be cleaning up the mess and not the broken bowl as well. All our bowls are supplied with flexible, yet tough, semi-clear lids to keep your beautiful food fresh.

Our research suggests we are offering a LARGER SIZED SET OF 4 mixing bowls than average to our lovely customers; 6qrt, 5qrt, 4qrt, and 3qrt.

Fantastic for a HUGE NUMBER OF USES; cake mixing, dough and bread making, whisking and stirring, at home or camping, and all the food preparation you're likely to need. As storage bowls, they can be used as salad, fruit, and ingredients containers to name a few. We have used them as a double boiler too. The deep design reduces splash when mixing vigorously, though a bit of mess is a part of the joy.

DiSavvy chose to use a .04" (1mm) thick stainless steel in the production of our mixing bowls. We cook too... We have produced a LONG LASTING, DISHWASHER SAFE, and STABLE kitchen utensil.

Product Features

Disavvy PREMIUM mixing bowls have been expertly pressed with heavy duty thick guage .04" food-grade stainless steel and are dishwasher safe. Our professionally designed deep wide-rimmed cooking bowls are easy to grip, reduce splash when whisking, are rust and dent resistant. A BOXED SET of 4 large bowls will greet you when they arrive, the largest capacity a very convenient and useful 6qrt. This stylish and modern set of bowls continues to impress with its larger offering of 5qrt, 4qrt, and 3qrt bowls. This classic stackable bundle has most culinary jobs covered. An ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENT for all cooks, DiSavvy nesting food preparation bowls help keep your kitchen organized. Mixing and beating ingredients or storing leftovers, stainless steel dishes have multiple uses at home, or in the professional's kitchen. They look fantastic on display too. SAFE for all the family, these high grade user friendly set of containers come with flexible press on SEMI CLEAR LIDS that are BPA and Toxin free (Push the lid on from the center of the lid). Silicone NON-SLIP flat bottoms reduce sliding around bench tops and spinning when mixing. Metal bowls don't break unlike other materials (sorry we can't help with the mess though). The highly polished insides protect against bacterial growth. WARRANTY: Along with Amazon's A-Z 30 day money-back guarantee, please feel relaxed to know we offer a full one year warranty. The manufacturing process on all our cookware has strict quality control, to prevent variances and poor production.

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