Vertix 7 Piece Kitchen Knife Set - Color Coded Kitchen Knives with Soft-touch Handles

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Manufacturer Description

"It's the only kitchen knife set I own, and the only one I need!"

"These knives cut well and function GREAT! I highly recommend them."

"You won't regret purchasing them because they are not cheap and flimsy, but great sharp and reliable." - Satisfied Amazon Customers

Cooking your favorite meals just became even more fun! The Vertix Color Elite 7 Piece Knife Set was designed with YOU in mind. Don't waste your money on over-priced imitators! Our Chromium Infused, Professional Quality, 100% Stainless Steel Kitchen Knives have been constructed to give you the advantage when dealing with even the most stubborn cutting tasks. Ceramic knives are known to chip and break down over time. This is where Stainless Steel is a cut above the rest. By investing in Vertix Color Elite Cooking Knives you will be investing in the highest quality material used by professional chefs around the world! A true professional knife set without the professional price tag! The New Non-Stick Coding on our kitchen knives allows for minimal tension and surface adhesion, providing optimal cutting power with minimal effort. To top it off, these vibrant cooking knives boast Soft-Touch Handles which have been ergonomically designed to provide a more form-fitting and comfortable feel than traditional knife handles. Other cutlery sets wish they had the precision, beauty, and outstanding performance that comes standard with The Vertix Color Elite 7 Piece Kitchen Knife Set. And don't forget - Love it or your money back! 100% Guaranteed!

What You Get:
? 8 Inch Chef Knife
? 8 Inch Bread Knife
? 8 Inch Carving Knife
? 5 Inch Utility Knife
? 3.5 Inch Paring Knife
? 4 Inch Pizza Knife
? FREE 2 Inch Peeler

Product Features

MODERN DESIGN - Cooking your favorite meals just became even more fun! Step into the future of cutlery sets with the Vertix Color Elite 7 Piece Kitchen Knife Set - With our attractive modern kitchen knives you'll be soaking up compliments with every slice. NON-STICK COLOR CODING - Our non-stick color coding is a double edged sword (pun-intended). Each blade has been color coded to prevent cross contamination during cooking and to prevent food particles from adhering to the surface of the blade, allowing for both easy cleaning and easy cutting, every time. CHROMIUM INFUSED STAINLESS STEEL - Beneath that vibrant color is the strength and resilience you need in your cooking knives. Our professional knife set boasts chromium infused blades which give our stainless steel knives the edge over the competition, allowing for incredibly high corrosion resistance and that sweet sharp edge that will keep you slicing time after time. SOFT-TOUCH ERGONOMIC HANDLES - Be comfortable, be healthy, be happy. We want comfort in every part of our lives, why should the kitchen be an exception? The soft-touch handles of our color knives have been ergonomically designed for happy handling no matter what you're cookin' up. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! - Yes, we love you. We love you so much that we want to do everything we can for you be 100% satisfied with our products. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase send it in for a full refund! Love it or your money back!

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