GOVOG Ceramic 15" Round Pizza Baking Stone for Indoor And Outdoor Oven Grill BBQ With Cutter & Rack


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Manufacturer Description

HOMEMADE PIZZA from scratch is becoming more popular among enthusiasts and the economically-minded alike. Making pizza at home leaves you free to experiment, select the best ingredients, and save money you'd have spent tipping the delivery guy. This stone is also convenient for heating and re-heating ready-made frozen pizzas and baked goods. Easy to maintain as the stone requires no seasoning or conditioning. Thermal shock resistant and made of 100% All-Natural FDA-Safe material.

HOW TO USE - For best results, pre-heat oven to 600°C?1100°F? and place stone in middle of oven on lowest rack. If using a grill, preheat to same temperature and place on middle of grill for 30 minutes. When it is time to bake, dust stone with cornmeal before placing baked goods on top. For fresh pizza, a flat metal spatula or a pizza peel dusted with cornmeal works well for transferring food to the baking stone. Alternatively, wearing an oven mitt or glove, remove the hot stone from the oven, place pizza on the stone and return both to the oven or grill.

CARE - This cordierite baking stone is extremely durable and will not crack because of thermal shock. There is no need to soak the stone in water before use.

CLEAN - Scrape off any excess food with a spatula. When the stone has cooled, run it under hot water while scrubbing with a brush. Do not use soap on the stones as it may leave a soapy aftertaste. The natural properties of the baking stone will cause it to darken and spot with age,do not attempt to remove this discoloration. Air-dry the stone and store inside the oven.

VESATILE - This baking stone can be used for bread, pizza and other baked goods. Please keep in mind that some foods, such as bread and pizza, will do well baked directly on the stone, while others may require a thin layer of foil between the food and the surface of the stone. The layer of foil will promote optimal baking for certain types of food such as cookies.


Product Features

Durable Glazed Cordierite Baking Stone - Safe cordierite material to make healthy pizza.15" diameter 3/5" thickness pizza stone, support to 1000 ° F high temperature to absorb soggy and water to make more crsipy crust pizza. Heat evenly to make delicious pizza cookies or bread, easy to use. Round Style With Cutter & Rack - Round pizza stone suitable for most kind of girlls and BBQ ovens, but when you buy pizza stones, you need buy the right size to match your oven or grill.With additional accessories, safe time and money to buy peel and handle, more convenient to make pizza, and protect your table, floor or other beautiful surface with rack. Versatile Kitchen Essential - It's more than just baking all your favorite pizzas! This durable round stone allows you to try out all your favorite recipes and bake bread, chicken tenders, shrimp, cookies and any other pastry to perfection! Don't miss out on the opportunity to provide the best meals and treats to your family! Get Delicious Pizza Everytime Everywhere - Perfect pizza stone to make and share pizzas with your family, friends, lover, businessmen at home, school, indoor and outdoor. Also, you will enjoy the moment DIY pizza on Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Birthday, etc just you like. Take Your Time To Read Instructions - You must be eager for enjoying the rich and seasoned pizza, dear you need to take your valuable time to read the handbook, it will tell you how to use your pizza nest, how to cherish your pizza stone like treasure.Anything you want to be accompanied with you for a long time, it must be familiar completely.

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