Halo Scrubby, Preferred Premium Cast Iron Skillet and Stainless Steel Cookware Scrubber

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Manufacturer Description

Sponges can accumulate filth and bacteria, often emitting a foul smell. That odor sticks to your plates and your hands! Some people switch to steel wool, hoping that it's a cleaner alternative. However, steel wool collects food debris as food particles get tangled up in its steel fibers. Steel wool is also scratchy. It has been known to scrape cookware and even cut its users. Get rid of your pesky sponges and inconvenient steel wool. Instead, use Halo Scrubby! Halo Scrubby is ideal for removing food bits from any cookware, including expensive Lodge cast iron skillets. It can even get rid of debris from pizza stones or enamel cookware. Use it on cast iron skillets, pots, pans, griddles, sheet pans, cookers, or crock pots! It will effectively remove gunk and grime from your cookware without harming it. To use the Halo Scrubby, just place your cookware in the sink, turn on the water, and start scrubbing! If you'd like, you can use dish soap for greater sanitation. This square scrubber is great for using at home or while camping! Its small 8 inches by 6 inches size makes it convenient for storage. Pack it in your camping gear; it won't take up much space! It'll brush off food particles, like caked on tortilla crisps from your BBQ grill or dutch ovens. Our Halo Scrubby will make a large difference in your life. With Halo Scrubby, you no longer need to deal with dirty smelling dishes. Halo Scrubby will clean your cookware and stay clean itself. At Halo Lifestyles, we 100% stand behind our products. We are so certain you'll love your Halo Scrubby that we offer a lifetime warranty. It's a product guaranteed to last for years to come!

Product Features

FAST AND EASY CLEANING for your cast iron and stainless steel cookware. It's like having an angel in your kitchen. Rust and corrosion free. Cleans your cast iron without damaging your seasoning. Gentle on your expensive stainless steel cookware. Amazing on so many items, try it on your cast iron Dutch ovens, skillets, glassware, baking dishes, casseroles, barbecue grills, cutting boards, utensils and tools. BONUS, HALO SCRUBBY COMES IN A CONVENIENT COUNTERTOP STORAGE CANISTER. Once you use the Scrubby, you'll always want to keep it handy. TIP-place canister inside of the lid, add dish detergent and water; the Scrubby is always ready for quick and easy use. HEALTHY AND HYGENIC CLEANING. Dump that dirty sponge QUIT SPREADING BACTERIA in your kitchen. Stop spending money on sponges - buy the Halo Scrubby once, it's made to last a lifetime. CHOOSE the PREFERRED PREMIUM HALO SCRUBBY the first time. Please be aware that there are similar items offered and many are low quality and small in size. We only warranty products that we sell. PREFERRED PREMIUM PHARMACUTICAL grade 316L Stainless chainmail. convenient size, 7X7 inches, almost 50 square inches of cleaning power. BUY TODAY

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